What Robb Brown's Clients are Saying

Integrity is one of the qualities we demand when we choose a real estate professional to partner with.  When we entered the home ownership market a few years ago, Robb helped us find our first home and then sold it for us when the time was right to move on.  When we were facing another move this spring we called a trusted friend and had Robb list our home for us again.  Each time Robb went out of his way to help us by researching the local market, determining the correct price to list at and then actively marketing our home.  Robb is a talented photographer.  His high quality professional grade camera equipment and personal creativity helped to create a show home feeling in his advertising that directly resulted in the immediate sale of our homes.  Robb is a great communicator and is consistently reachable and responsive.  Having partnered with Robb on three occasions I can recommend his professional services to anyone.  If you are looking to form a partnership with a caring, hard working real estate professional, get in contact with Robb today.  You will not be disappointed.


Mark & Eva

Working with Robb to find our perfect home was a great experience. He took the time to fully understand what we would want in our ideal home and helped us better understand the real estate market in the Vernon area. Once we were clear on what we wanted, Robb went out and found it. The amazing thing was that the house he found for us wasn’t on the even on the market! He contacted the owner about selling it and a few days later we bought it.


Janice and Brad

Dear Robb:
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your terrific service in the recent sale of my home on Kalview Drive. As you know, this house features a unique architectural design, a spectacular view, and excellent quality; all of which gives it great appeal to a somewhat limited group of discerning buyers. Our task was to reach this buying segment. As usual, you were very energetic and focused, while still being very easy to work with. We were ready and listed within 24 hours of my call, and ultimately sold nine days later! During that period you basically worked every day on this sale due to the amount of activity that was generated. This home had to be marketed carefully due to its uniqueness, and your performance was flawless. The home was priced just right, and the advertising, listing remarks, and pictures perfectly targeted the select buying group we were seeking. These efforts culminated with a tremendous open house response, which generated multiple buyer interest and a successful sale! I also noted your ability to quickly build positive genuine relationships with everyone involved in the process, including potential purchasers, other realtors, and potential lenders. You worked particularly well with my purchasers during the closing process, assisting where you could and providing alternate avenues of financing if needed. I believe this level of attention and facilitation is invaluable in ensuring that sales will close. In short, Robb, you made my sale a very smooth and easy process, and I will certainly continue to recommend you to anyone who needs a quality realtor. Best wishes!


William A. Shaak