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Selling Your Home

When you decide to sell your home it becomes necessary to decide on a realistic price that buyers are willing to meet or come close to. A fair market price is one of the best tools in drawing attention to your property for sale, but how do you decide what is the correct price?

This is where an experienced realtor can first help, on the way to finding buyers, receiving offers, and ultimately completing your North Okanagan home or property sale.

Getting a professional Market Evaluation will show you:

North Okanagan properties in your area, with similar features, which have sold, and at what price.
Similar property listings which have lingered on the market, or expired.
The best price-range for listing your Vernon or North Okanagan property.
Robb Brown has the experience to properly research a Market Evaluation for you. Fill in the Home Evaluation Request form to access this free service.

Preparing your home to be shown

It’s also time to take a good look around and think about the first impression potential buyers will get of your home. Buyers who are actively viewing homes will compare your home with all the other homes they’ve seen.

If you want buyers to take a second look, give them a good first impression!
Removing unnecessary clutter and ‘streamlining’ room and yard contents will not only make the showing more pleasant for buyers, it will also make your home appear more spacious.
A few low-cost improvements, such as fresh paint and clean carpets, can brighten your home’s visual appeal and remove subtle odors. Accomplish as many low-cost improvements as you can.

Robb Brown is dedicated to helping North Okanagan property sellers. Call Robb direct at 250-260-0358.

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